• Foundations

    It all begins with our Foundations class, using the Body Rebuildtm system.
    “This is what's been missing for me in all the fitness programs I've tried before. Since coming here, I've noticed a new kind of alignment, my body falls into place more naturally.” —Sharmila
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  • Maximize Your Core!

    Who isn’t looking for a better stronger core? Let us demonstrate that by organizing the body and systematically strengthening the muscles in the trunk area you will experience dramatic results!
    “I've tried other core classes, but now I can REALLY feel my abs and trunk and I realize how they relate to all my activities.” —Anne
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  • Strength w/ Kettlebells

    When using the Body Rebuildtm system and rebuilding from the inside out, strength training becomes the true icing on the cake. We use kettlebells because they are the perfect tool for building REAL STRENGTH!
    “The biggest difference kettlebells have made for me is that I am leaner and more defined than ever!” —Patty
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By popular demand, The Body Rebuild system we use in our foundation classes
is now available on DVD for home use! It’s a great gift for anyone you know,
everyone could use a more balanced body!

Check out the site for more info: http://www.bodyrebuildfitness.com




Check out our segment on Wake Up San Diego!


Our 3 Step System:

1. Get Aligned: Foundations 

Do you have back, shoulder or knee pain? Ever wanted better posture? We can help! Our first level class re-aligns your body so it can function as it was designed to do.

2. Get Stable: Core

Next take your fitness to a level you’ve never experienced! Our comprehensive understanding of the structure of the trunk muscles allows for  a workout that creates maximum tone, articulation and strength for your core!

3. Get Strong: Kettlebells

Now we build REAL strength! We use kettlebells to build on the foundation we’ve already created. Kettlebells are the ideal tool to develop maximum functional strength.

More about us…

kettlebells Welcome to PHYZYKS

“Phyzyks is so much more than just a kettlebell gym!” Zackery (La Costa)

The most unique approach to fitness you’ve ever experienced! We use a simple yet powerful system to overcome the effects of our modern sedentary lifestyle to help you reach your true fitness potential!

  • Our bodies are designed for balanced, pain free motion

  • The problem: our modern sedentary lifestyle takes a toll on our bodies

  • The solution: We can retrain-or Rebuild-our bodies!

Learn to fix the body breakdowns created by our lifestyle to truly reach your fitness potential. At Phyzyks, the only studio of its kind, we focus on YOU and YOUR body, not the latest fitness trend.

Follow our systematic process beginning with foundations, understanding your core and then building your strength.


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